Research that addresses challenges to human health and wellness draws on many engineering disciplines within the school and leverages the University of Georgia’s strengths in allied areas in other units across campus. Investigators are using a combination of computational and experimental methods to study mechanisms of disease initiation and progression, drug discovery and delivery systems, and biomolecular and cellular therapies, including regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Many of the faculty are affiliated with the National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center for Cell Manufacturing Technologies (CMaT). The objective of the center is to transform the manufacture of cell-based therapeutics, including stem cells, CAR-T cells and cardiomyocytes, into a large-scale, lower-cost, reproducible, and high-quality engineered process for broad industry and clinical use.

Faculty Member Areas of Expertise Website
Rodney Averett Computational mechanical modeling
Experimental multiscale biomechanics
Cheryl Gomillion Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine
Cell-Biomaterial Interactions
Multi-functional Biomaterials
Pre-Clinical Tissue Modeling Systems
Cell-based Therapeutics
K. Melissa Hallow Dynamic modeling of physiology
Cardiovascular disease, renal disease, and diabetes progression
Ross A. Marklein Cell Manufacturing
Single Cell Analysis
High Content Imaging
Tissue Engineering/Regenerative Medicine
Stem Cell Biology
Luke J. Mortensen Intravital imaging
Multi photon microscopy
Confocal microscopy
Laser ablation
Cell therapy
Regenerative medicine
James N Warnock Cell & Gene Therapy
Cell Manufacturing
Engineering education & workforce development