The school has an established history of translational research for high-value biological products through enzymatic, microbial and mammalian cell approaches. The faculty utilize their collective expertise in metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, fermentation and biocatalysis to study and develop renewable chemicals, biofuels and pharmaceutical products. Additionally, faculty working with the New Materials Institute are focused on the design of new bio-based polymers guided by green engineering principles in ways that minimize waste, promotes sustainability, and protects human health. Numerous companies are partnering with leading researchers in the institute to accelerate technology translation through advanced materials testing and evaluation. Research in the Institute includes circular materials management, advanced polymers, fibers & coatings, and technology development.

Faculty Member Areas of Expertise Website
Mark Eiteman Metabolic engineering
Bioprocess engineering
Fermentation technology
Jim Kastner Biochemical engineering
Environmental, nanostructured and chemical catalysts
Enhanced biomass pyrolysis and gasification processes
Jason Locklin Bio-based Polymers
Smart surfaces
Interfacial characterization
Sudhagar Mani Bioenergy
Rama Ramasamy Electrochemical energy
Biological electrochemistry
Bionanocomposite materials
Yajun Yan Metabolic Engineering
Protein Engineering
Biofuels and Renewable Chemicals