Olivia Ginn, Ph.D.

Dr. Ginn’s research addresses humanitarian and environmental challenges related to sanitation, public health and conservation through the integration of engineering, microbiology and environmental science. Specifically, her lab studies the air-water interface in contaminated systems across the globe. Research topics span the characterization and modeling of antimicrobial resistance and pathogens in air and water and the implications for human and environmental health. Dr. Ginn’s lab utilizes advanced methods of target detection and subsequent analyses including digital PCR, metagenomics, and computational modeling. Her interest is driven by a passion to direct humans and natural systems into a synergistic relationship to promote sustainability, resiliency and overall community and environmental health.


B.S., Environmental Engineering, Georgia Tech 2016

Ph.D., Environmental Engineering, Georgia Tech 2021

Educational Activities

Post-doctoral Research Assistant, University of Notre Dame, 2021-2023

Scholarship & Research

Pathogen dynamics in air and water

Enteric pathogens

Antimicrobial resistance


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